Welcome to Honour Poly Films PLT.


We can supply various kind of films such as BOPP, PET, CPP, LLDPE, BOPA films, Metalised film and Aluminium Foil too.  We can supply coated film and specialty film for special requirement at different industries.

Our films can be supplied  in as thin as 4.5um till to 350um for application diverse at food and non-food packaging, labeling, graphic art, industrial and various other end applications. 


Please feel free to contact us and we will assist you to get what you required !



BOPP films


PET films


CPP films


BOPA films


Aluminium Foils


Food Packaging Films

BOPP,BOPET, CPP, BOPA ,LLDPE films, Aluminium Foil and metalised film, pearlised film and etc.

Industrial Films

Silicon coating base film, Thick film for insulation, film for face mask, films using for carrier, for interlayer. .

Medical Foil & Films

Aluminium base and coated foil, PVC films, BOPP Films, Sticky wrapping tape, Medical,X-Ray films and etc

Graphic Art

Base and coated in BOPP Gloss & Matt film, including soft touch, Anti scratch,silver and gold film.

Label films

Pearlised, Top coated film, In mould label, Wrap around label , Plain film and etc .

Tobacco Packaging

Aluminium foil, BOPP film using for inner and outer pack and etc.