About us


Honour Poly Films Ltd was incorporate in year 2019. Our company name is new but the people here is not new, we are all people rich with experience in film industries  and we have deep product knowledge of films.


We hope you will see our value  after you tried our product and services.


We hope we could assist you in your business and able create value to your business too.


We can’t assured anything to you now but if you trust us, you can try our services, we will not disappointed you.


We believe in law of attraction and we hope we able to attract people like you which in same frequency with us and create value for each other to establish long term business relationship. We hope we can become your  best and trusted film partners soon !



I will be here to assist you for any of your need about films.always.

Tel: +60108690390

Email: samos@honour.com.my

Fione Lau

If you are looking of any films, please feel free to contact me.

Tel: +60123613219

Email: fione@honour.com.my

Alvin Chan

i am here to assist you if you have any question toward films.

Tel : +60122889702

Email :alvin@honour.com.my

Always Be agile, Be Responsive and Be excellence !